The congregation recognized today as Greenup Christian Church traces its beginnings to October 3rd, 1854. On this date Mr. Moses Mackay and Father Gage. Influenced by the teachings of Alexander Campbell, he met with a small band of Christians to organize a Christian Church. The shepherd of the flock with the responsibility of complete oversight until April 8th, 1855. On this date the following officers were chosen: Nicholas Fisher Thom - Elder, John H. Sennett - Elder, Alexander Rankin - Elder, Frank York - Elder, John Hoffman - Deacon, Frank H. Warnock - Deacon, Benjamin Smith - Deacon, Alex Patton - Deacon, and Samuel Krister - Deacon.

Under the direction of these men, the decision was made to move the place of worship to downtown Greenup in March 1857. The first building occupied by the congregation in Greenup was destroyed by a flood in 1913. The present building at 411 Main St. was completed in 1917, completely debt free. The lot on which the building stands was gift of love from Mrs. Rebecca W. Spaulding and Helen H. Spaulding. David S. Mitchel chairman of the Board of Elders & Deacons during this time. The dedication address was delivered by Dr. James M. Philputt of Charlottsville, VA on April 15th, 1917. The minister to guide the Church was Mr. H.B. Smith of Ashland, KY. The congregation grew and prospered continuously enlarging the facility as needed.

In 1984, with no more room to enlarge at the location, the discussion was made to begin the process of relocation and building. In 1989 a love offering on a "Miracle Sunday" was to be taken. The goal for the offering was $250,000. The total collected was $264,000. That was the moment that we were convinced that God was in favor of this new facility. The building on 711 Main St. was finished in 1992. In the year 2003, a "Family Life Center" was added due to continuous church growth. 

In the present time Greenup Christian Church is proud of it's past & the lives that have been impacted by Greenup Christian Church and that have been brought to Christ. However we are even more excited to see how God will use Greenup Christian Church to be a living example of God's love to the community of Greenup, KY & the greater Greenup County communities.