Note on Upward Basketball. 

"Sports is a terrific arena for personal growth; athletic experience can help foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual accountability, among many other attributes. 

Sports teach the importance of respect, of understanding rules and boundaries, and of the reality of consequences for our actions and mistakes. Critical character traits such as sacrifice, mental toughness, and perseverance can all be cultivated on the field of athletic competition. 

Beyond even all of those positive developments it is a platform for spiritual growth. 

Our mission statement here at Upward Sports is “promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports” – guiding, equipping, and partnering with churches and other Christian community leaders to build high-level sports programs that also create inroads towards sharing the gospel with nonbelievers and pointing them back to the church. 

Over 40% of the participants in Upward Sports programs are unchurched; it has been a tremendous blessing to see so many new relationships built and so many lives changed by the gospel in the many years of the Upwards Ministry.

The Upwards Ministry at Greenup Christian Church reaches and witnesses to nearly 200 participates every year.  It also reaches out to parents, guardians’, coaches and volunteers throughout the year. 

Every year we look to a greater experience for the year to come.  With this being said; the upcoming year looks to be a great one with early registrations beginning in November and games starting in January."

For more information concerning Upward email Aaron